About Us

The Democratic Platform is an initiative of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation and the Edelstein Center for Social Research. It was created in 2007 with the objective of strengthening the democratic culture and institutions of Brazil and Latin America.

Our work is realized through research, publications and seminars on the social and political transformations within the region as well as the international system. Our main focus are the challenges to social cohesion and democratic governance. We aim to stimulate and promote a dialogue between knowledge producers and various social and political actors independent of party affiliation. All of our publications are available free of charge.

The Democratic Platform also develops applied projects which promote democratic citizenship especially as regards the virtual public space, advancing a civic culture which values public debate and pluralism.

We also partner with other institutions, activists and researchers in the region and beyond, which share our values.

Founding Institutions

Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Rua Formosa, 367, 6º andar
Centro - Tel: +55 (11) 3359-5000
São Paulo (SP) - Brasil - CEP: 01049-000

Centro Edelstein de Pesquisas Sociais

Praia do Flamengo, 100
Flamengo - Tel: +55 (21) 2557-6849
Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brasil - CEP: 22210-030